Our Mission & Values

What We Envision

Every child known personally, cared for deeply, challenged extensively, and thriving into the future.

What We Strive For

Depth in learning, social and emotional skills, and service to others for a better world.

What is Vitally Important To Us

  • Christian values shown in all relationships and operations within the School.
  • Every staff member knowing every child.
  • Partnering and communicating effectively with parents.
  • A high staff/student ratio allowing a personalised approach.
  • Balanced learning with ample opportunities beyond the classroom.
  • A positive, happy, encouraging school climate, built on trust.
  • Ongoing challenge and learning for all staff as a model to our students.
  • Our community contributing to raising our children; each member of our learning community seeking to bless not only their own children but the children of others.

What We Do

  • Explore
  • Inquire
  • Play
  • Dance
  • Take risks in our learning
  • Think
  • Solve
  • Ask
  • Enjoy
  • Serve
  • Laugh
  • Sing
  • Forgive
  • Innovate
  • Discover
  • Solve
  • Accept

What We All Seek To Be

  • Collaborative
  • Inquiring
  • Balanced
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Compassionate
  • Caring
  • Confident
  • Creative
  • Resilient
  • Happy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Open-Minded
  • Globally Aware
  • Wise

Characteristics We Strive For In Our Teaching and Learning

  • Personalised
  • Rigorous
  • Engaging
  • Contemporary
  • Christian

How We Facilitate Teaching and Learning

  • We model ongoing learning to our students.
  • We celebrate the journey, not just the finished product.
  • We set high expectations, beyond those that are normally given.
  • We partner closely with our parents, beyond the norm.
  • We ask children to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • We acknowledge and encourage conceptual thinking, as well as content learning.
  • WE provide safe, colourful, naturally lit and ventilated, acoustically sound learning spaces.
  • We evoke a sense of safety and trust.
  • We seek to link students to learning opportunities locally, nationally and globally.
  • We encourage inquiry and questioning, and seek to use students’ interests as a springboard for learning.
  • We seek to engage through authentic learning tasks and relating learning to our kids’ world.

Additional School Photos

Saturday 5th May 8:30am
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"You could see from the smiles of the students' faces in the photos that they are engaged, happy and eager to learn when carrying out their tasks."
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