Much of our teachers’ professional learning focuses on the following five attributes that we see as vital.

1. Personalised

  • Partnering with parents, particularly in the initial stages of schooling, seeking their opinions and background information.
  • Seeking to know the learning preferences and styles of every child within the small-class setting.
  • Seeking to differentiate teaching to cater for the varied levels of ability and knowledge: low, middle and high.
  • Discussing a Personal Learning Profile of every student as a whole staff, not just by the Class Teacher.

2. Rigorous

  • Applying research-based practice to teaching and learning.
  • Ensuring thorough and comprehensive assessment informs teaching and learning and stimulates discussion and dialogue.
  • Following up “anomalies” in assessment results, whether they be unexpectedly low or high.

3. Engaging

  • Utilising an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, encouraging ownership, questioning, initiative and curiosity.
  • Planning authentic learning experiences that connect to the children’s real world.
  • Ensuring a high degree of fun from hands-on activities that engage all of the senses.
  • Ensuring the children are given opportunities to take action on their learning to consolidate their understanding.

4. Contemporary

  • Integrating technology, not just for the sake of it, but in order to improve learning outcomes.
  • Preparing our children for the information/digital age in which they are growing up.

5. Christian

  • Ensuring biblical values are infused, not only in the teaching and learning, but into every aspect of our relationships and actions.

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