Music plays a large role in the world around us and that is no different at Wahroonga Prep. It is through our music program that we encourage students to appreciate, value, understand, develop and participate in a range of musical activities.

Each class participates in weekly class Music lessons where they are encouraged to discover and experience music for themselves. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of activities including singing, instrumental, movement, dance and creating. These skills develop all the musical concepts; tone, colour, pitch, duration, dynamics and structure.

As well as weekly class lessons, the students are given a number of opportunities to participate in music groups and activities.

  • Year 1 learn to play the violin and
  • Year 2 continues their instrumental studies on the violin.

Other musical groups including Concert Band, Recorder Ensemble, Music Technology Club and many different choirs allows children to experience being part of a musical ensemble and allows them to share their talent and enjoyment of music.

Individual piano lessons and violin lessons are also available during and after school with a music tutor. Parents pay for these on a user pays basis.

All students at Wahroonga Prep are given the opportunity to display their musical talent and show the joy that they get from music at the end of year concert. Each class is involved in writing, creating and performing a wide range of musical skills which they have learnt and developed over the year.

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Friday 9th February 5:00pm
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"You could see from the smiles of the students' faces in the photos that they are engaged, happy and eager to learn when carrying out their tasks."
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