Religious Education

Wahroonga Preparatory School provides comprehensive religious education to promote a positive Christian attitude to all people encountered in one’s life. Religious education occurs weekly to give all students a deeper understanding of God and His role in their lives.

Through participation in religious experiences at school, every individual reflects on his/her beliefs, has opportunities to practise pertinent values and become a valued member of a Christian community that contributes to the wider society. Over the years the School’s comprehensive religious instruction will influence the lifestyle of each individual so that their religious education is part of their Christian journey.

Wahroonga Preparatory School aims to provide everyone with religious education that will enrich their life experiences. The students:

  • Experience spirituality at an age-appropriate level;
  • Are encouraged with consistent practice of values;
  • Learn set prayers;
  • Develop and foster personal expressions of prayer;
  • Reflect on the bible stories and their relevance;
  • Relate gospel lessons to his/her current daily life; and
  • Participate and contribute in the celebration of special chapel services.

Upper Primary – an awareness of current social issues that encourage (personal) empathy.

Lower Primary – an understanding of social justice and fair play.

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Friday 9th February 5:00pm
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"You could see from the smiles of the students' faces in the photos that they are engaged, happy and eager to learn when carrying out their tasks."
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