Enrichment begins in the home class. A personalised, rigorous, engaging, and contemporary approach to teaching and learning translates to every child’s leaning needs being known. Class Teachers seek to enrich the mandatory core curriculum by extending the children’s thinking with problem solving, thinking routines, inquiry-based and project-based learning, always looking to the passions and interests of the students as potential areas of inquiry.

Our Enrichment Specialist works closely with Class Teacher to challenge and extend our most highly able, and our Learning Support teacher also works closely with the Class Teacher to ensure appropriate intervention for those students with learning difficulties.

Our extensive range of extra-curricular activities also contributes to enriching the learning experience for every child.

Welcome Picnic

Friday 9th February 5:00pm
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"It was nice to be part of the excursion group. I always had a very high regard for what teachers do but after this trip I feel teachers at WPS are awesome."
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