Children may choose to audition for the Wahroonga Prep Choirs. Two groups exist, the Chapel Choir and theĀ Prepsters.

With a long tradition of choral excellence, the Prepsters continues to live up to and strive further in giving wonderful performances. The Choir, consisting of students from Year 1 to Year 6, participates in regular performances including those in Chapel Services, community events and IPSHA Performing Arts Festivals. It is in choir that students are given the opportunity to combine their musical talents and singing skills learnt during music lessons, and have an enjoyment of creating music and performing as a multi-aged group. The Prepsters rehearse at lunchtime.

We also have a second choir that performs at Chapel, Chapel Choir. The Chapel Choir rehearses one morning before school.

K-6 Presentation Day

Thursday 23rd November 9:00am
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"You could see from the smiles of the students' faces in the photos that they are engaged, happy and eager to learn when carrying out their tasks."
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