There are many opportunities to serve as a leader at Wahroonga Prep as we encourage our students to take initiative, problem solve, and serve others both inside and outside the School. Those opportunities include:

  • School Leaders. Elected school leaders relish the opportunity to serve in a formal capacity each year.
  • SRC (Student Representative Council). Each year two children from each class are elected to become part of the SRC. They meet fortnightly to discuss issues within the School, implement new ideas as well as raise money for those in need.
  • Buddies. Our older students love to spend time with our youngest students, encouraging them reading to them, playing with them, and eating lunch with them.
  • Service Learning. Our students embark on a Service Learning project each year. The wonderful residents of a local aged-care facility know us well as our students spend eight weeks getting to know them, culminating in a combined concert performed both at the home in Wahroonga and the School.

K-6 Presentation Day

Thursday 23rd November 9:00am
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"To talk to your class was a great privilege and I was so pleased to observe a class of such fine young people. You have created such a happy environment there, well done to you."
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