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Please contact the Enrolment Administrator for a prospectus pack on either (02) 9489 3921 or via email to admin@wahroongaprep.nsw.edu.au. Alternatively, you may download the Prospectus Pack below:

To download the Application for Admission and Prospectus Pack (PDF documents) please click here.

How to Apply

Please return:

  • The completed Application for Admission form;
  • Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate that will be retained with the enrolment application;
  • Copy of your child’s Court Order or Parenting Plan relating to your child (if applicable);
  • Copy of your child’s residency/citizenship papers if your child was born overseas (if applicable);
  • Copy of your child’s most recent school report (if applicable); and
  • The administration fee (see payment details on the form).

School Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 1st November 9:00am
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"It was nice to be part of the excursion group. I always had a very high regard for what teachers do but after this trip I feel teachers at WPS are awesome."
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