Parents’ Association

The Wahroonga Prep Parents’ Association works for the benefit of the School to raise funds providing additional educational and recreational facilities for students. Their activities also provide an important social and educational function for members.

As a non-government school added pressure is placed on funding extra activities and school resources. This is where the Parents’ Association becomes involved in the coordination of fundraising. Your role as a parent and being part of the Wahroonga Prep Community is critical to the ongoing success of the school.

How can you be involved?

Executive Committee: To organise and coordinate a fundraising schedule, to welcome new parents to Wahroonga Prep, arrange social events so that people can meet other school members and feel part of the Wahroonga Prep environment and organise a Parents’ Association meeting once a term so that parents can be kept informed with what is happening at the school. The School Principal always addresses these meetings and it is a great forum to discuss general matters.

Class Parent: The Class Parent is the contact person for your class. They will help you feel a part of the school within your class.

Hospitality: We like to feel that Wahroonga Prep is like a large family, so with the arrival of babies, injury or illness, our hospitality person is there with cards, flowers, meals, etc.

We urge you to get involved with your child’s school. The friendships that you make at the school can follow you throughout your lifetime. To contact the Wahroonga Prep Parents’ Association please email

To download the Parents’ Association Constitution (PDF) pleaseĀ click here.

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"To talk to your class was a great privilege and I was so pleased to observe a class of such fine young people. You have created such a happy environment there, well done to you."
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