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A child is admitted to Wahroonga Preparatory School on the understanding that his or her parents or guardians are sympathetic to the aims and policies of the School and will do whatever they can to ensure that he or she conforms to such regulations as the School deems necessary.

Students and the School are judged by the general standard of each child’s dress and appearance. Students are expected to know and comply with the dress and appearance regulations of the School. It is each child’s responsibility to be correctly and neatly dressed, to be clean and tidy.

Parents are expected to be familiar with the information in relation to uniform requirements as outlined in the Uniform Policy and Regulations document and to ensure that these requirements are fully observed. 

The complete school uniform including sports uniform, school bags, raincoats and excursion bags is available at the Uniform Shop, located on the Knox Grammar Campus at 10 Borambil Street, Warrawee.


Opening Times:

Uniform Shop Opening Times – 2018 Term 1 & 2 March


Please view the documents below for further information.

Wahroonga Prep Uniform Policy and Regulations

Wahroonga Prep Uniform Check List Pre-Kindergarten

Wahroonga Prep Uniform Check List Kindergarten to Year 6

Wahroonga Prep Uniform Price List


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