Positive Education and Knox Total Fitness

What is Knox Total Fitness?

Knox Total Fitness is an integrated Positive Education program which aims to support and improve the social, physical, spiritual and academic fitness of every boy.

The program is based upon the principles of Positive Psychology. While mainstream psychology often focuses on people who already suffer from mental health issues, Positive Psychology (in schools often called 'Positive Education') aims to proactively increase resilience and wellbeing.

A major aim of Knox Total Fitness is to prepare the boys fully for the demands of the new workforce and think beyond themselves by developing skills in altruism.

It can play a crucial preventative role in reducing depression, anxiety and stress within the school environment.

Positive Education at Knox - 2009 to 2018 Positive Education at Knox - 2009 to 2018 (335 KB)

What are the key elements of the program?

  • Aims to increase the mental fitness and resilience of every student
  • Every student has an individual mentor who has received expert training in Positive Psychology
  • The mentor helps students to identify their strengths and set academic and personal goals
  • Knox staff receive training in Positive Psychology
  • Students are introduced to activities and exercises scientifically proven to increase levels of wellbeing and performance
  • Information and training on Positive Psychology is provided to parents

How is the program being implemented?

Knox is working closely with Dr Paula Robinson of the Positive Psychology Institute on implementing this world-first program and conducting evidence-based studies of how Knox students’ attitudes and overall wellbeing changes as a result of the program. 

Positive Education Schools Association

Knox is a founding member of Positive Education Schools Association (PESA). The association aims to work together with schools from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia that are considered to be key ‘pioneers’ in the implementation of Positive Psychology.

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