About the KPA

The Knox Parents' Association (KPA) provides many opportunities for all Knox parents to become involved with their son's school. It is the umbrella organisation for parent activities and provides support to the many special interest groups throughout the School community. Every parent is automatically a member of the KPA and encouraged to take part in its many activities. The KPA's main activities include:

  • Knox Gala Day
  • Knox at Home parent cocktail party
  • Knox Christmas Markets

All funds raised by KPA events are used to purchase new equipment and resources for the Prep and Senior School.

More information

For more information about the Knox Parents' Association, contact Megan Bailey in the Community Relations Office on (02) 9119 0811.

Current KPA committee

KPA Executive
President - Amanda MacLean
Treasuer - Nick Sky

Further Reading Suggestions

KPA calendar: Upcoming news and events from the Knox Parents' Association.