How to book your free swimming assessment

All new students are asked to please book a free swimming assessment. Assessments can be booked from Monday to Sunday. Please click here to see what's available in the next seven days. 

Once you see a suitable time, please email our customer service team and include the following information: parent first and last name, child's first and last name, child's date of birth, contact number and whether the child is a Knox or Wahroonga Prep student. 

How our booking system works

Our learn to swim program operates on a monthly direct debit system, we do not run during the public school holidays however we do run additional holiday intensive programs. This allows swimmers to join our program at any time of the year. 


Learn to swim fees are payable in advance on the 28th day of each calendar month, for any lessons that fall between the 1st and the end of that month. At the initial time of booking, a pro-rata payment will be taken for any lessons remaining in the month. 


    If you wish to cancel your learn to swim lessons, you can do so by submitting a cancellation form no later than 7 days prior to the end of the current month to cease lessons for the following month.

    More information

    Phone: 02 9487 0126