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Year 4 is learning about compass directions in Maths. The students used a compass to locate north, south, east and west within the classroom. Students then created a path for the BeeBots to follow. Using compass directions they wrote instructions for their classmates to follow. ... See MoreSee Less

As part of our History unit, Pre-Kinder Yellow have been focusing on our Schools upcoming 90th Birthday celebration, by researching other famous personalities who are also turning 90 this year, such as Queen Elizabeth and David Attenborough. In class they watched a short David Attenborough documentary then drew their favourite animals. Some of these include a crocodile, hippo, penguin, spider, kangaroo, bee, snake, elephant, turtle and giraffe. ... See MoreSee Less

Year 4 has been working on a Visual Literacy unit. They have been learning how to tell a story using pictures. The students wrote plots and created storyboards to tell a simple narrative. Today they are putting this into action. They are creating a short animated film using Claymation. We are looking forward to seeing the final product! ... See MoreSee Less

Year 2 learnt all about Synonyms and put their knowledge to the test by playing Synonym Snap! ... See MoreSee Less

This year is an exciting year for Wahroonga Prep School, as it is our 90th birthday! In preparation for our Schools upcoming birthday celebrations Pre-Kinder Yellow have been writing a letter to the Queen during their Library lessons. Together they collaborated their ideas and have come up with a great response! ... See MoreSee Less

Pre-Kinder Yellow went on an Excursion to the Powerhouse Museum as they have been learning about Outer Space this term. They had a great time exploring the Space exhibition! ... See MoreSee Less

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"To talk to your class was a great privilege and I was so pleased to observe a class of such fine young people. You have created such a happy environment there, well done to you."
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